Taking the Con out of Consulting

There are a lot of different consultants out there. I found this information a while ago and thought it would be an interesting thing to post. Sorry but I don't recall the author or I would provide the link or credit. In the list there were seven kinds of consultants: minders, grinders, finders, face men finders, clingers, we wills and bait and switchers. Most clients have no idea which is which or whom they need when. And that can hurt you. I thought this would be good information to share so others can learn. Maybe you recognize a few of these individuals. Hopefully not too many.

Resumes: 3 key areas that leave critical questions unanswered

1. WDTM: What does this mean?

Use on vague terms or accomplishments such as: "I was responsible for interviewing, hiring and training all new staff members." Questions should be answered "how many, how often and how effective".
2. DEFINE: Can you please define this in an outsider's terms?

"I developed and implemented a 12 week supervisory training program."