Lance Cooper

Acting as the Computer Systems Support Technician for many of our clients, Lance provides continuous support and staff backup where required. When it comes to computers and networks, Lance is our expert and he helps to manage the following functions for our customers, hardware specifications for purchase, installation and setup, network setup and configuration (LAN and Internet Connectivity), local and network printer setup, and various computer troubleshooting. Some interesting facts and projects that Lance has had the opportunity to be a part of are designing new electronic products as requested by the customer, co-designed a new flagship product for a company, designed a product to measure strength of a caustic cleaning solution in bottle washers. He has also helped to implement manufacturing and inventory control systems, CAD system software and installing equipment in plants around the globe. He also designed an audio communications system with intercom and paging functions. Lance is our go-to man for computer hardware. He has equipped the office with all the technology and infrastructure needed to complete our tasks properly and efficiently. He is involved in our disaster recovery and planning, telephone systems and network set ups as well as computer upgrades. Lance works with various operating systems and his knowledge continues to grow with the latest technology available...

Senior Technical Analyst