Acronym IQ = QC

My attachments to acronyms all started when I was born. I was named after my Dad so our course I was JR. As I grew up everyone always asked me what I wanted to do for a living. My standard reply was to go to University and get a BA although I didn’t know what this really meant. I went to UWO which is now WU (Western) and then moved to KW.

My life has been full of acronyms long before texting, tweeting and messaging made it common. I fear that Orwell’s 1984 is upon us and there is even an acronym IQ infographics.

Right out of University I got a job in purchasing and figured I needed more training. Did a lot of studying and got my PP (Professional Purchaser) designation. PP evolved to CPP then into SCMP and then CSCMP. If you have been in supply chain for a while you should be grinning by now. I got approved by PMAC which is now SCMA. Because I had some letters behind my name I got my CPSM from ISM in the US. Since I do management consulting why not add CMC which I did. Even belonged to APICS for a while and still support them.

After leaving U of W, I went to CCC (Corporation of the City of Cambridge) then to IBM. Which stands for International Business Machine and l jested that it was more like I’ve been married, I’ve been motivated or when I left it stood for I Bought Macintosh.

I have spent time doing ERPs and talking about JIT and JRO (just ran out). I just love solving problems and can’t stop using acronyms. Created a data solution for McMaster called QCVC (Quality Control Vendor Certification) which is now QCsolver. Of course the QC has to stand for something (Qualified Contractors or Quality Control, or …).

QCsolver provides our clients with the ability to manage supplier information electronically and efficiently in the cloud. Lots of interest yet a very lengthy discussion and adoption process. This is where the newest acronym surfaces and this is the motivation for this post.

When I reflected on why QCsolver wasn’t get more utilization I can up with this acronym which is my Aha moment. The acronym is OWE as in you owe it to yourself to try and make your life simpler and easer.

OWE also stands for the tools that all of my potential clients and colleagues use on a daily basis. Can you guess what the acronym stands for? I know I will get a few very good guesses. Like Operations Workflow & Efficiencies or Organizational Worthy ERPs. Or maybe you think that it stands for something else.

What it really stands for in my mind is Outlook Word and Excel. Now smile again if these three are what you use to manage most if not all of your supplier information. Smirk if you know you are able to be efficient because there just aren’t that many variable for you to handle. Now ponder like I do. If you are worried or have too much to DDD (Data Dates & Difficulty) handle then think what if there was a better way? (Think = True Helpful Inspiring Necessary & Kind)

Now think of QCsolver and reflect wouldn’t this be Quick & Convenient.

Even my latest networking & information session on Sep 30th has an acronym. Sorry but I just can’t help myself. So come visit me at Plants2015 growth for tomorrow’s manufacturing needs and follow the link to register or simply check out my newest acronym.


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