What I have found to be missing on most resumes are examples that prove that the skills listed have actually been performed. A Google search and some cutting and pasting and you can have a resume that looks fairly impressive. Now think of an incident in your life during which certain traits were exhibited. Be specific by answering when did this occur, what took place, how you dealt with the situation, and use numbers if possible to specify results. Examples include increased contacts with customers or decreased certain expenses. Then link it back to the desired job.


CRITERION: Persuading and influencing others

When? During my part-time job as a crew supervisor at _____
What? I was asked by my boss to implement a new process that the others did not think would work. They were reluctant to change.
How? I approached each person on the crew and talked about the benefits and listened to their concerns. I asked that they just give it a try and we would talk again about their concerns after the initial try.
Result? Once people got using it, they overcame their reluctance and the process did result in time savings of about an hour per day per person.
Linkage to job? So, in this job, changes will be introduced that might not be readily accepted and I have experience successfully influencing people when they might be resistant to new ideas.
When I see examples like this one on a resume I know that I am getting more than a job description. I am getting someone who can show me how they can apply their skills to the job I am offering.


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