Kick off to manufacturing month Event.

With 27 days to go we already have 207 people registered for #plants2015. Why are they coming? What do they expect? Every one has a reason and a purpose. The challenge is to try and figure out what they all want.

For this event we are making sure there is something for everyone. We have our scouts out looking for people who want to meet people who can help. We have business owners that know that they can't do everything themselves and are looking for some assistance. We have skills and talent looking for projects or a chance to prove they can do what they say they can do. We have business development people that want to talk & meet people that are willing to listen to what they have to offer and have a real interest in making things happen.

We will of course have the curious and the sceptical as they will always come out. After all isn't manufacturing in Ontario dying. I guess no one told the over 3500 food manufacturing companies in Ontario that they weren't in business.

You don't see this group that often as they are working hard at making a living. They are paying their bills, finding new customers & employees and generally don't have a lot of spare time. That is why an event like this one is critical. Sustento Collaborative Hub help connect the dots by cross pollinating ideas. We introduce existing concepts & practices into businesses that need to try something that has been tried and tested by not necessarily in their industry. We need a chance to celebrate achievements and most of all have fun and make a difference.

Hope to see you there as we have lots of room to spare.


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