Doing big business in China by a small company!

In September 2014 we launched a new educational supply chain program in China. This is a joint initiative between Conestoga College, Qingdao Electronics School, Sino-IESC and my company Cambridge Solutions. The key to our success was to find two very strong Chinese Business partners who understood the marketplace, were trustworthy and a delight to work with. It also helped that the excellent folks at Conestoga College were open to trying something very new.

We are pleased to announce that our enrollment has once again increased and we are looking forward to our scheduled on site review in Qingdao with our teachers, students and parents the week of Nov 9th.

The other part of the trip is definitely going to be very interesting. It would seem that there is a strong need for an international conference on animal health. We are planning on having a Symposium in the Cambridge/Guelph area Spring 2016. The next part of the planning is to attend the conference being held Nov 14 & 15th in Changsha China. We hope to gain new insights from our visit and to help to encourage Changsha Chinese businesses to look at what Canada has to offer.

Thankfully we are privileged to be working with some very smart and dedicated people in Changsha China and Canada that are going to make our Canadian event a smashing success. Don't worry I plan on naming names in another post. Credit needs to be shared!

If you are a bit curious how we are able to find and deliver these types of projects then drop me an email or come for visit.

Knowledge is to be shared as it is the execution of the plan that this the hard part.

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