Connecting The Dots.....

At our #plants2015 event we wanted people to mix and mingle. The idea was to connect the dots. Have people find out more about People, Process and Programs that are available in our area.

We assigned each individual to one of 12 groups and gave them a list of names of other people who were in their group. The intent was for them to find out what they had in common and why they were put in a certain group. We used the acronym SPIN to help them get the conversation started. S = school they attended, P = profession they are in, I = industry where they work, N = network or association they belong to. We like to put a different spin on things.

The second part of getting the audience engaged was to provide them with coloured dots so they could vote on their favourite Conestoga College student project. We didn't assign a voting criteria. We simply asked them to pick one. Or distribute their 6 dots "votes" based on their preference.

Our task now is to determine who might have voted and why. This should prove to be a very valuable insight into what people find interesting, might want to fund or who they would like to hire. Hopefully it will also spark a new level of innovation and collaboration. By connecting the dots we got students, academics, industry and service providers to mix an mingle in a fun and entertaining environment. We got them involved in the decision process regarding who had the best student project. Most of all we got people to have some fun after a long day at work.

Next year we are going to be holding our event #plants2016 closer to the end of October. We will add more projects and options. We will continue to make incremental improvements.

If you are interested in becoming involved in our next event then we would like to hear from you.


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